Tom the Frog & Olivia the Worm

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Meet Tom the Frog! Tom is a curious frog who spends their days adventuring with Olivia the Worm. These best friends are inseparable and live together in a giant mushroom house in the forest. Would you like to take them on adventures together?

Tom and Olivia's specs

  • 100% polyester
  • Tom: 30cm tall (including limbs) x 20cm wide (body only)
  • Olivia: 10cm long (magnet on back & place to put charm strap on head)
  • Magnets in Toms hands and head so that he can wear hats and hold Olivia

I am only selling Tom with all 4 outfits at the moment since he is almost sold out! Unfortunately I have to remake him with a different manufacturer which will take a while to figure out ):

If you would like to purchase extra outfits, please see this listing

Tom & his entire wardrobe includes:

  • Tom the Frog
  • Olivia the Worm
  • Woodland Adventure outfit set (sweater, pants, and mushroom backpack that has a zipper!)
  • Rainbow overalls outfit set (propeller hat and overalls)
  • Strawberry picnic outfit set (straw hat and strawberry dress)
  • Wizard outfit set (wizard robe and plushie hat)

    Choose an outfit set: Tom & his entire wardrobe

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