chicken pin (albino African clawed frog)

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African clawed frogs are tongueless, toothless, and completely aquatic. They are extremely hardy in the wild, and are very long lived in captivity (20-30 years, or even longer!). But this also allows them to easily become an invasive species. Appearance-wise, their eyes look like olives, and the albino ones look like raw chicken 😅

  • Dip dyed enamel pin with screenprinted details
  • Comes with rubber clasp and special backing card
  • 3.4 cm wide

This pin is part of the What the frog?! collection

Style: A grade

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If there are no pin grades to choose from, the pin is A-grade!

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  • B-grade pins will have some defects that may or may not be very noticeable, but do not affect the overall design much. 
  • C-grade pins have such significant defects such that I do not consider them sellable.

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