Couch potato frog pin

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This pin was part of a batch pins that have shown to have strange defects with the screenprint (painted portions on top). Over time, some customers have found that they start to melt off. As such all pins of this design (for now) will be considered B grade, and are on clearance.

for those who identify both as a frog and a potato 
  • hard enamel with black nickel plating
  • ~2.5 cm
  • rubber clasp

This pin is part of the Hobby Froggy collection.

    Grade: A grade

    Only 37 left!

    If there are no pin grades to choose from, the pin is A-grade!

    How I define pin grades:

    • A-grade pins are not guaranteed to be perfect but are the best quality. There may be some hardly noticeable defects that do not affect the overall design.
    • B-grade pins will have some defects that may or may not be very noticeable, but do not affect the overall design much. 
    • C-grade pins have such significant defects such that I do not consider them sellable.

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